Frequently Asked Questions

Check our answers to frequently asked questions and feel free to contact us if you cannot find any answer.

What type of Classified Ads are you offering?

We have two categories:
Services: to showcase your services and get customers (good option to invite people to visit your website)
Classifieds: mostly used to sell any hardware or digital good. 
NOTE: when you use classifieds, visitors cannot buy the item from the app. They contact you for the deal.

Can you setup the Stripe account for us?

The stripe account is only needed for the store option.
We can help to setup it even if the full process from Stripe is very easy with a very friendly user interface. The wizard is available from store settings section.
If you still need help, send a request here:

Which countries are supported?

For classified ads, we are open worldwide.
For the store options, we only accept sellers and customers from United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium and France.

Can I sell apps? digital goods?

Yes, if it's related to the Mac, you can sell anything. After adding a product, you can setup more options (digital goods and downloadable links).
When you sell an app, make sure that you are including a license for the customer.

Do you resell user data?

Nope, like Apple, we deeply care about privacy and security. We are very picky on these topics and we will never do anything wrong for users. Sadly, a lot of companies are doing a sneaky business with the data of users and it's wrong. You can trust us on this topic.

How does it works?

MacExtension is simple and sophisticated at the same time. We are offering two main features:

Classified Ads: 
Any mac user can submit listings for FREE in two categories: Services or Classifieds. The service is featuring a friendly user interface and powerful options.

Any Mac users can open a store and start selling hardware, apps, digital goods for Mac users.
Maybe you want to sell your unused stuff or you want to extend the sales of your store, it's all up to you. We are open to everybody: personal users or business owners. 

      Step 1: Create an account
      Step 2: Request to update your account to Store level with the dedicated form (it's FREE)
      Step 3: From your vendor dashboard, you can add products (hardware or digital goods)

There is no step 4 
The user experience is optimized for any level of users. You can connect or create an account for Stripe with a wizard (this popular service trusted worldwide allows you to be paid directly to your bank account)

When a customer place an order, our 3% commission is automatically deducted and you get the money right away. There is no delays, it's all automatic. Sweet!

We use the best technologies to secure orders and transactions. Credit cards used by customers are not saved and the data is not shared to third parties.

How do I manage shipping?

For classified ads, we recommend to put the shipping cost in the description.
For the store option, there is a settings section, you can decide to assign a cost for shipping products or a FREE shipping status. It's the responsibility of the vendor to ship products.

Do I need to use the app to create an account?

Nope, you can create an account from the app and it's recommended, but you can also do it from any web browser using this URL

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